Huahai Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (Huahai Industry & Trade for short) is a group company integrating clothing research 、 development, production 、group work clothes production and real estate development. With three subordinates, namely Huahai , Baolian Yongjiu (Beijing) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. and Huahai R&D Production Base, the group is a key clothing R&D and production enterprise in Beijing.

Huahai Industry & Trade is Beijing’s largest high-end fashion R&D and production base, with over 600 employees currently, 10,000 m2 of 5A-grade standardized plant buildings and 28 European standard clothing flow lines. The company adopts templated production technology and a single-piece production mode and design China’s highest grade of women’s clothing through the 7S delicacy management of such departments as IE and ID. Major strategic partners of Huahai include JEFEN, LANCY, Cagliari, CARA, CR and Gold Fox. At present, the company can produce 650,000 pieces of high-end women’s clothes annually.

Huahai Production Base is the most important garment R&D and production base in the Bohai Economic Circle and has formed strategic partners with 361°, Anta, KAPPA and many other brands. The base mainly develops and produces clothing and accessories, and sets foot in related supply chain concurrently, forms a large R&D production base in line with the standard of EU. The base invests 360 million yuan in total and has a total construction area of 71,000 m2. When the whole base is put into production, the base will have a staff of 5,500 people and produce 5 million to 6 million pieces of related products per year.

Huahai has good corporate culture and a good staff training and promotion mechanism. The company helps employees to make their career development plan according to each employee’s characteristics. About 95% of the Group’s management positions are cultivated by itself. In addition, Huahai has established talent cultivation cooperation relations with a number of colleges and universities. Join in Huahai , you will enjoy excellent skills, positions, related welfare and salary and development space than other enterprises.